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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

About Mojtaba Samienejad
- Source Free Mojtaba Weblog

Mojtaba SamieNejad, 25 year old blogger and student, was first arrested on November 1, 2004 for reporting the arrests of three other bloggers. He was held in custody for almost three months. Following his temporary release on January 27, 2005, he started a new blog to reflect his thoughts and beliefs. This resulted in a second unlawful arrest which has lasted to this day.

Mojtaba is kept in Ghezel Hesar prison amongst inmates convicted of murder and other serious offences. Mojtaba was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment on June 2, 2005. This sentence was issued by Judge Saadat of Revolutionary Court 13.

It is ours' and all human rights activists' duty to take a stand against the injustice of imprisonment for voicing one’s opinion. We ask all bloggers, human rights organizations and free people of the world to help Mojtaba by voicing their objection to his sentencing and demand his immediate and unconditional release.

Please show your support by email to us and linking to this page.

French: Mojtaba SamieNejad! Sa vie est réellement en danger! Les droits de l' homme en danger!

German(Deutsch): Menschenrechte in Gefahr! Freiheit für Mojtaba SamieNejad! Rettet das Leben von Mojtaba SamieNejad!

Spanish: Derechos humanos esta en peligro! Libertad para Mojtaba SamieNejad! Salve la vida de Mojtaba SamieNejad!

Finish: Ihmisoikeus on vaarassa Vapaus Mojtaba SamieNejad:lle Pelastakaa Mojtaba SamieNejadn henki!

Norwegian: Menneskerettigheter er i fare!Frihet for Mojtaba SamieNejad!Redd livet til Mojtaba SamieNejad!

Swedish: mänskliga rättigheter är i fara.frihet åt Mojtaba SamieNejad.Agera för frikännande av Mojtaba SamieNejad!

Italian: I diritti dell vomo sono stati nuovamente toccati. La vita di Mojtaba SamieNejad eim pericolo!

Slovak: Lъdske prбva sъ opд» povu№ovanй!ѕivot Mojtaba SamieNejadho je v nebezpecnetrй.

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Jailed blogger taken to sit university exams in handcuffs - Reporters Without Borders

Blogger Mojtaba Saminejad, who has been in prison since February last year was taken in handcuffs (photo) to sit his exams at Tehran’s Azad University on 21 January 2006. Reporters Without Borders welcomed the fact that the Iranian courts have allowed him to continue his university course but repeated its call for his release.

"We have never stopped our condemnation of the unfair conviction of this young student who has been imprisoned for nearly a year for posting a few messages on the Internet. We urge the authorities to show leniency. Bloggers like Mojtaba represent no threat to Iranian society. On the contrary, they support the emergence of a citizen’s debate,” said the organisation.

The weblogger was photographed inside the Tehran university as he was going to take his exam and the photo was then posted on his former blog : http://man-namanam.blogspot.com.

He was first arrested in November 2004 for speaking out against the arrest of three colleagues. While he was in prison, his website was hacked into by people linked to the Iranian Islamist Hezbollah movement. On leaving jail, he relaunched his blog at a new address (http://8mdr8.blogspot.com), which led to his re-imprisonment, on 12 February 2005.

Mojtaba was sentenced in June 2005 to two years in prison for “insulting the Supreme Guide”. One month later he was given an extra ten months in prison for incitement to “immorality”.


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Saturday, January 21, 2006

مجتبي سميعي نژاد ، وبلاگ نويس ِ محبوس در زندان قزل حصار كرج ، ساعت سه و نيم امروز شنبه 1 بهمن هشتاد و چهار به همراه دو مامور محافظ و در حالي كه دستبند به دست داشت اجازه يافت در امتحان آخر ترم ِ دانشگاه خود حضور يابد. وي دانشجوي رشته ي ارتباطات اجتماعي ِ دانشگاه آزاد ، واحد تهران مركز است و به خاطر تعلل مسئولين زندان نتوانست در سه امتحان ِ نخست خود شركت كند. مسئولين حراست دانشگاه به او اجازه ي نشستن در بين بقيه ي دانشجويان ِ امتحان دهنده را ندادند و وي را به كلاس خالي اي هدايت كردند و او با دستبند به نوشتن پاسخ سوالات ِ امتحان اش مشغول شد. سميعي نژاد را بلافاصله بعد ازامتحان به زندان باز گرداندند. اين وبلاگ نويس قرار است به همين گونه در دو امتحان ِ باقي مانده اش در تاريخ هاي دوم و ششم بهمن شركت نمايد. سكوت ِ رسانه هاي عمومي در مقابل سير پرونده ي اين وبلاگ نويس باعث شده كه او يك سال و نيم در زندان ( هشتاد و هشت روز انفرادي ) ، بدون حتي يك روز مرخصي محبوس باشد. وي به خاطر توهين به مقام رهبري به دو سال حبس محكوم گشت كه اين حكم پس از اعتراض وي توسط ديوان عالي عدالت تائيد شد. همچنين او در پرونده ي ديگري به اتهام نشر اكاذيب به قصد تشويش اذهان عمومي به ده ماه حبس محكوم شد كه اين حكم پس از درخواست تجديد نظر هم اكنون به دادسراي ارشاد ارجاع يافته است و در حالت مسكوت و مسكون به سر مي برد.

لطفا" اگر در باره‌ی مجتبی می‌نویسید به همین وب‌لاگ (من نه من‌ام) لینک بدهید.

Mojtaba Sami'i Nejad (Saminejad), an imprisoned blogger, accompanied with two prison guards, with handcuffs, was permitted to write one of his final exams. He is a student in social communications, in Azad University (Tehran).

He couldn't write the first three of his final exams because of the shortcomings of the people in charge. He was not allowed to sit with the other students for the final exam. He had to write it in a separate room, while he was still handcuffed.

He was returned after the exam to prison. He is supposed to write the other two finals remaining in the next few days. The silence of the media on his arrest and imprisonment, lead to his stay for a year and a half in prison (88 days in solitary confinement) without even one day of leave.

He was arrested and charged because of writing in his weblog, and criticizing and insulting the supreme leader.

Translated from Farsi by: The dawn is near
نوشته مديار @    5:55 PM